Saxifraga - Strawberry begonia + Pot


The Plant:

Whilst actually not a begonia, this little cutie is a great plant to foster a lifetime's interest. It's easy to grow, and fast growing. Once established, it throws out stolons or runners at an amazing pace - each with a tiny plant on the end that will grow and give you more joy. A great plant for kids, and kids at heart. 

The Pot:

Sessle B's Pottery is a small family business of the Northern Rivers, New South Wales Australia. Seth wrangles time to craft beautiful vessels for plants, trinkets, snacks and beverages, for those lucky individuals who stumble upon them at the local makers markets. They are best recognised by their range of pots with a lovely pastel palette of sherbet colours.

* Light: Loves bright, indirect light.
* Water: weekly watering, drying out in between
* Humidity: No humidity
* Colour: mid green with pale veins and hairy leaves
* Can grow to: 20cm
* Maintenance: Low

Size Guide
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