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Rhipsalis Baccifera


Rhipsalis baccifera grows epiphytically in its tropical forest home. Native to the tropical forests of South East Asia, Rhipsalis are unique in their requirements for moisture and dim light. The thick skin of the stems does not produce thorns, but it does have almost imperceptible bumps on the surface of the plant. These plants are epiphytes found clinging to trees and rocks. The Rhipsalis baccifera is easy to grow and has very minimal needs. It is perfect for the home interior with bright indirect light.

* Light: Loves bright, indirect light.
* Water: Bi monthly watering
* Humidity: Tolerant of most situations
* Colour: Green
* Can trail to: Up to 2m
* Maintenance: Low

*Pots pictured are not included
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Rhipsalis Baccifera
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