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We the Wild Plant Lover Care Pack

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We the Wild Plant Lover Care Pack

All the products you need to keep happy healthy plants. This kit tackles the three pillars of good health, in a way that's safe and effective for even the most sensitive of plants. 

Made with 100% organic ingredients (worms do the hard work!)it has 200+ active microbes, is Certified for organic production plus it's boxed in a recyclable and sustainable kit. 

The kit contains three individual items:

  • Grow: bioactive fast acting plant food and tonic.
  • Support: bioactive slow release plant food and conditioner.
  • Protect: bioactive spray that helps build stronger, more resilient.

Instructions for use

Protect spray: Apply every fortnight or if your plant looks like it needs some extra love and care. Repeat every 2-3 weeks throughout the year, or more frequently when plants are struggling.

Neem Oil is combined with a specialist microbial blend to protect plants from the environmental stressors that make them struggle.

Step 1
Apply at night or in the morning. Shake well to evenly disperse the ingredients.

Step 2
Gently mist the top and underside of the leaves and stem. Our fine mist ensures even coverage.

Support pellets: Add to pots and planters every two months, or mix into soil when repotting.

Builds healthier and stronger roots.
Removes toxins and salts from soils.
Increases tolerance of overwatering & underwatering.
Provides slow release nutritional support.

Step 1
Scatter pellets evenly on top of the soil (1 tbsp for small plants and 2 tbsp for large plants).
Step 2
Using a small trowel or spoon, loosely dig the pellets into the topsoil.
Step 3
Thoroughly water your plant, ideally using our Grow Concentrate, to bring the beneficial microbes and nutrients to the plant’s roots.
Step 4
Watch over 2 months, as the pellets slowly break down to convert your soil into a biodiverse and nutrient-rich environment.

Grow concentrate: Use every fortnight or every second time you water your plants. Combine with Protect and Support for optimal care.

Kickstart growth.
Build strong stems and roots.
Grow lush and large leaves.
Fix nutrient deficiencies.
Increase plant’s natural function.

Step 1
Shake well to aerate and wake the sleeping microbes.
Step 2
At the bottom of your watering can, add 1 squirt of concentrate for every litre of water. Supercharge your solution by dissolving 1 teaspoon of sugar.
Step 3
Add standard tap water. The solution should look like a cup of weak tea.
Step 4
Pour over your plants until the solution runs out of the bottom of the pot, or soil is well soaked.