Monstera adonsonii


An established and lush Monstera adansonii that will look stunning wherever you place her. This is an easy to grow Monstera, sometimes referrred to as Monkey Face. Monstera adonsonii can be long and lanky and a bit meh -  these beauties on the other hand are more upright, rigid and thick. They are in large 175mm pots and are about 30cm tall, triple planted and are perfect for an elegant, instant statement. 

  • Light: Tolerant of most situations
  • Water: Weekly watering
  • Humidity: Loves humidity
  • Colour: mid - dark green 
  • Can grow to: 1m, climbing and vining
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Pots pictured are not included
Size Guide
Monstera adonsonii
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