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Callisia repens Pink Lady


Callisia Pink Lady is a wonderfully easy houseplant if it is not over-watered. Callisia Pink Lady has stems full of tiny round waxy leaves that vary in colours from green striped, pinkish, and cream. Pinch the growing tips regularly to create a more full, compact shaped plant. The more sun this plant gets the more pink the foliage looks - so a sunny windowsill is perfect. Callisia Pink Lady is semi-succulent so let it dry out between waterings. Currently looking like Cousin-Its pink haired sister - these are real charmers!

  • Light: Loves bright, indirect light.
  • Water: Weekly watering
  • Humidity: No humidity
  • Colour: Pink and white
  • Can grow to: 10cm
  • Maintenance: Medium
  • Pots pictured are not included
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Callisia repens Pink Lady
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