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Florafolia uses couriers to deliver plants (almost) Australia wide.

We post directly to all non-quarantine states (NSW, ACT, SA, QLD, VIC).

Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania have different biosecurity laws relevant to houseplants that make it more difficult to successfully ship live plants to those States.

At this time, Florafolia does not ship to these States. Florafolia does not ship plants outside of Australia.

LOCAL AND METRO 200-221, 1000-2310, 2314-2320, 2322-2328, 2330-2333, 2335, 2500-2530, 2533, 2555-2570, 2580, 2582, 2600-2620, 2629-2630, 2740-2756, 2759-2770, 2775, 2890-2891, 2900-2914, 2485-2486, 3000-3221, 3337, 3785-3796, 3800-3810, 3910-3921, 3926,3928-3937, 3939-3944, 3975-3978, 3980, 3989, 3992, 4000-4132, 4151-4179, 4184-4230, 4300-4305, 4350, 4500-4504, 4508, 4550-4553, 4555-4569, 4571-4575, 5231-5260, 5350-5353, 5355-5356, 5360-5373, 5400-5412, 5460, 5501-5502, 5800-5950, 2311-2312, 2321, 2329, 2334, 2336-2337, 2338-2371, 2372, 2379-2394, 2396-2411, 2415, 2418, 2420-2484, 2487-2488, 2490, 2571-2578, 2757-2758, 2773-2774, 2776-2786, 2833, 2898

COUNTRY 2532, 2534-2551, 2787, 2791-2794, 2796-2799, 2803-2810, 2845-2849, 2852-2868, 2395, 2579, 2581, 2583-2594, 2621-2628, 2631-2643, 2645-2647, 2648, 2650-2652, 2655-2656, 2661-2707, 2710-2711,2713-2716, 2717, 2720-2737, 2738-2739, 2790, 2795, 2800, 2820, 2821-2832, 2834-2844, 2850, 2869-2877, 2878, 2879, 3690-3694,3730, 3747-3749, 4133, 4183, 4270-4287, 4306-4347, 4352-4467,4471, 4474, 4479, 4487, 4494-4498, 4505-4507, 4509-4521, 4554, 4570, 4580-4680, 4700-4701, 4703, 4716, 4720


Our plants are shipped in their black plastic nursery pots. They are carefully secured in place, so that unless the courier is super rough, your plant will arrive in perfect condition.

For more detail please see our youtube video which explains our process:

After you check out, you will receive a shipped status email from us. Our courier details and tracking link will be provided to you then. You can also sign up for alerts through our couriers.

Here at Florafolia we post every Monday and Tuesday. Cut-off for orders each week is Sunday midnight. Any orders placed after this time will be posted the following week.

Don't worry! Please email us at with your order number the wrong address you supplied and the correct address.

If the order has already shipped get in contact with the courier company indicated by your tracking information as they may be able to redirect it.

If they can't it will be returned to sender and second postage fee will be invoiced to resend the parcel. 

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase and we pack accordingly! Sometimes things can go wrong in transit and we are here to help you.

Please get in touch within 48 hours of delivery at Please include pictures.

Florafolia uses several couriers and we have hardly every had any issues.

But especially in these times of plague If your order has been delayed in transit, please directly contact the courier through your tracking link, they will have the most up-to-date information to provide you.

If your order gets lost in the mail please get in touch at so we can work with AusPost and refund your order. 

personAbout Us

No sorry, currently we are only online. But thank you for asking!

Yes, we do. Head to the 'Gifts' section on the website. We have both Gift Vouchers and accessories available. 

Sure can! Please fill out the: special instructions for seller box, during check out with the details of your message and who is is from.

And not to worry, we do not include a physical invoice in the packages. So your recipient will not see any price or payment details.

spaOur Plants

We are always propagating and growing and sourcing our stock.

We wait until the plants are ready and the best possibly quality to try and eliminate to eliminate any risk during shipping for you!

The best way to find out when a plant is being re-stocked is to sign up for an email notification. You can do this on the product page of the item you are waiting for!