Growing Happiness

Our Mission

We believe that plants make people happy. 

Plants are a source of well-being and have the power to transform a room, purify the air, and instil a sense of calm and tranquillity into your home. 

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Our Mission

Our online plant nursery is here to give you access to beautiful and unique plants from the comfort of your own home. We are located in the beautiful Byron hinterland where we are blessed with the perfect growing climate and reliable shipping networks. 


Let Us Introduce You to the Team


Lynne has been in love with plants since she converted her sandpit into a flower garden when she was four. She studied Horticultural Science at Uni and has loved getting back to growing plants after recently making the transition from corporate life to nursery life. 


Richard is a Jack-of-all-trades. His focus is on delivering great customer service. He also makes it his business to ensure our important processes, such as shipping and inventory management, work well. 


Abbey is a recent fashion graduate and is currently studying Graphic Design. In her spare time, she is an online plant selling powerhouse. Inspired by her success, we begged her to be our social media and e-commerce queen. 

Buy Rare Plants Online in Australia 

Plants Big & Small

While we love to grow plants in all shapes and sizes, our specialty is big plants. We love the way that they completely transform a space, instantly becoming the centre-piece of your home.


Another passion of ours is growing rare plants, or as we refer to them, our ‘unicorns’. These truly unique varieties add personality and individuality to your plant collection, which is why we strive to provide you with an easy place to buy rare plants online in Australia.

Shade & Light Loving

Whether you need to fill a bright and sunny corner or bring life to a shady room, we have a range of plants that thrive in different conditions. Shopping for your space is easy with our Shade & Light range which allows you to browse through shade-loving and light-loving plants.

Delivery information


All of our plants grown here at our specialist plant nursery in the Byron Hinterland are monitored regularly to ensure they are as healthy as can be before we send them out. They are all grown according to their specific needs in greenhouses or shadehouses so that they can reach a healthy age before arriving on your doorstep.

When we ship our plants, we do so with the utmost care so that they survive the journey, ready to thrive in your space. By packing them in custom, specially developed boxes that securely contain the plants in their nursery pots, they are exposed to less shock and disturbance throughout the shipping process.


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