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Neomarica gracilis Brazilian Walking Iris

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Neomarica gracilis Brazilian Walking Iris

You know when sometimes you have a low light spot and just want something that will sit there quietly, mind its own business without causing any trouble and look AMAZING - well this is it. I'd put it in the same category as an Aspidistra and a Parlour Palm for its sylish good looks.

This is the plant you have that adds texture, lushness and depth when you want to create a stylish look. Whilst blessed with an Iris like flower lasting 1 day only, it's not really grown for its flowers - more for its prolific mid green strappy leaves.

* Light: Loves bright, indirect light, can tolerate low light
* Water: Weekly watering
* Humidity: Loves humidity
* Colour: Bright mid-dark green
* Can grow to: 1m
* Maintenance: Low

*Pots pictured are not included