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Air Purifying

Reduce harmful toxins in your home with air-purifying plants. View Florafolia's range of air cleaning plants and buy online for delivery right to your door.

Philodendron esmeraldense


Doryanthes excelsa


Philodendron micans


Peperomia argyreia Mini Watermelon


Ludisia Discolour "Spiderman"


Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail palm)


Philodendron hederaceum - Heartleaf Philodendron


Hoya carnosa


Callisia repens Pink Lady


Begonia Yorkes Shadowland


Dracaena compacta Janet Craig


Schefflera arboricola Variegata - dwarf


Philodendron florida


Begonia rex Plum Paisley


Sansevieria hahnii Lotus


Dracaena marginata Black Knight