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Propagating your own…. Hoyas

Hoyas are enjoying a well deserved revival at present. There are several hundred varieties, mostly native to Asia but also some native to Australia. They are typically vining plants with thick, green leaves and as an added bonus have beautiful flower umbels in a range of colours and mostly fragrant. There are some varieties that have some spectacular leaf variegation including H. Kerrii albomarginata, H. australis Lisa, and H. heuschkeliana that are highly sought after. Overall Hoyas are pretty easy care. They have low water requirements, don’t attract too many pests and diseases (but they’re not immune), and grow reasonably quickly. They also last a long time and it is not uncommon to see very large plants that are decades...

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Propagating your ... Peperomia!!!

There are over 1000 species of plants in the Peperomia family Piperaceae, ranging from large through to quite small. Mostly seen as an inside plant, here’s a spectacular Peperomia growing outside in Winter in a planter box in Northern NSW! Peperomias are relatively low maintenance - they like to be kept in bright, indirect light and should be watered infrequently once the top few centimetres of soil has dried out. Fertilize monthly through the growing season and keep tightly potted in a well draining potting soil. They’re easy to propagate too - pick off a mature leaf and put in a narrow neck bottle of water - le voila! In a month or two you should have long roots and the start of a new plant emerging....

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Propagating your ... Begonia!!!

Pro tip: Get a small spray bottle or re-purpose an empty spray bottle from your recycling. Dilute some auxinone (a liquid rooting hormone) in the appropriate ratio for your bottle and spray on the cuttings every couple of days. 

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What's in a house plant pot size? Turns out, a lot!

In the market for a new plant? Of course you are. Plants not only help liven up a room, but they’re extremely beneficial to your health and well-being. As you know, they provide a nice dose of fresh oxygen. But there are some plants that purify your air and make you feel better on a day-to-day b

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Getting your plant babies ready for Winter - 5 tips for success

Over the past few weeks temperatures have plummeted across Australia. Winter is certainly here! Your plants notice this change in seasons too. Usually triggered by shorter daylight hours or photoperiods, plants respond a number of ways such as dropping their leaves, becoming dormant, or stopping flowering. Gradually you’ll notice that your plants are growing less, and this means you need to adjust how you care for your plants in return.To ensure your plants look fabulous over Winter follow these 5 simple activities:1. Water less. Most plants are killed by over-watering, and during Winter they need very little. Plants such as Sansevierias and Zanzibar gems will be happy being watered about once per month. Let plants such as Philodendrons, Ficus, and...

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