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6 Tips to selecting the plants to create a stylish space

Are you interested in how plants can add an additional dimension of style to your home or apartment? Plants are a terrific accessory — they add colour, texture, height and structural elements that add layers to your design. Depending on your overall aesthetic, plant selection can help reinforce the effect you are looking for — calm, cool and tropical with a wispy green palm, architectural Strelitzia, and trailing pothos in a Queenslander

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Plants and Styling your home office

Like you, I’ve been on a few zoom calls lately and I must admit, in the less interesting moments, I’ve enjoyed looking at everyones home office set-ups. It made me realise as a plant lover and grower how woeful my office looked to others, so over the weekend we gave it a makeover. Here’s what we did:

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Developing Your Style With Plants

Are you looking for some plantspiration when it comes to styling your home? You’re not alone in that. Scrolling through any insta-feeds that include interiors you will usually find some well-placed and luscious looking plants. Plants add depth, interest, beauty, fill spaces and can help you add personality to your home. They are also great for our well-being by reducing volatile organic compounds in the air and they create a sense of satisfaction, achievement and calm. What’s not to like!

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