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Propagating your own…. Hoyas

Hoyas are enjoying a well deserved revival at present. There are several hundred varieties, mostly native to Asia but also some native to Australia. They are typically vining plants with thick, green leaves and as an added bonus have beautiful flower umbels in a range of colours and mostly fragrant. There are some varieties that have some spectacular leaf variegation including H. Kerrii albomarginata, H. australis Lisa, and H. heuschkeliana that are highly sought after.

Overall Hoyas are pretty easy care. They have low water requirements, don’t attract too many pests and diseases (but they’re not immune), and grow reasonably quickly. They also last a long time and it is not uncommon to see very large plants that are decades old on marketplace. An added bonus is that they are very easy to propagate.

One successful way to propagate Hoyas is to take a cutting and just put in a glass of water on a window sill – within a week they will start growing roots along the stem. When the roots are about 4-5cm long, plant them into a small pot with regular potting mix (maybe with a little extra perlite mixed in). They prefer to be root-bound and add in a ladder or put in a hanger to allow for vining or hanging. Another way to propagate Hoyas is to take a cutting just below a leaf node, and put it into a cell-tray with propagating mix in it. Keep warm, covered and mist regularly, and they will grow roots quickly too. This is a useful way to grow some of the large, heavy and and sometimes awkwardly shaped Hoyas like H. obovata and latifolia. So before you know it you’ll be adding to your Hoya collection and trading with the best of them – enjoy!