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How To Take Care of Tradescantia

Caring For Your Tradescantia

Tradescantias are adorable and wildly popular little bursts of brightness and color. Sometimes known as Spiderwort or the hilarious Wandering Dude, they’re native all the way across the Americas, from southern Canada all the way down to northern Argentina, but are super comfortable here in Australia too. 

They come in a huge number of variations — Tradescantia Bubblegum has beautiful bright purple-pink variegation and a tendency to climb; Tradescantia Zebrina likes to trail and has deep purple undersides to its leaves; Tradescantia Quicksilver, one of the more rare plants, is a climber with stunning brush-marks of pale moss-green and interestingly rippled leaves. There’s more than 35 different cultivars with different colours, flowers, stems, and leaf shapes, but luckily they all have similar care requirements.



They’re incredibly hardy and can survive in a wide variety of habitats. In fact, you’ve probably seen them in local gardens or out on hikes. Tradescantia Flumensis is so hardy that it’s actually more of a weed here in Australia (but it has adorably fluffy white and gold flowers, so we’ll let it slide this time). This makes many of the species ideal as house plants. 

They all have succulent-like stems that retain moisture really well, so they can be susceptible to over-watering. Instead, keep their ambient humidity up with regular mistings, or, if you’re in a warmer environment, place the plant on top of a tray of pebbles filled with water that you top up regularly. If the soil gets dry, though, do give them direct watering.

The stunning colours found across Tradescantia varieties respond best to indirect light, though some of the bigger species are perfectly ok with full light. Keep your smaller indoor Tradescantias in areas with lots of filtered or indirect light and the leaf variegation will stay looking beautiful.



Lastly, Tradescantias are super easy to propagate! Their stems grow in sections with little nodes between them. If you take a cutting just below those nodes and remove any leaves from the node, you can put the cutting in a jar of water for a few weeks and it’ll grow fresh roots, ready to plant! Just remember that freshly planted cuttings love regular feeds of water and fertilizer for about the first four weeks, and then you can start treating them the same as your other Tradescantias.

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