• These Are the Houseplants Top Designers Love

    These Are the Houseplants Top Designers Love

    You probably have your favorite designer houseplants, from the perennially popular orchid and maidenhair fern to a more unusual variety perhaps available only locally. AD PRO quizzed some of our favorite designers, finding a range of extraordinary plants making their way into projects—and, perhaps as expected, a high number of fiddle-leaf figs. Designers dished on their favorite sources, too. (If you’re feeling charitable, there are fundraising...
  • Propagating your own…. Hoyas

    Propagating your own…. Hoyas

    Hoyas are enjoying a well deserved revival at present. There are several hundred varieties, mostly native to Asia but also some native to Australia. They are typically vining plants with thick, green leaves and as an added bonus have beautiful flower umbels in a range of colours and mostly fragrant. There are some varieties that have some spectacular leaf variegation including H. Kerrii albomarginata,...
  • Indoor Plants that will Purify the Air in your Home or Office

    Indoor Plants that will Purify the Air in your Home or Office

    When researching the potential of life — or at least a space station — on Mars, NASA looked seriously at the possibility of using plants as natural air-con units. Already known for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen — nicely complementing humans, which do the opposite — a number of indoor plants also proved useful in removing toxic chemicals from the air, including known carcinogens benzene,...
  • Propagating your ... Peperomia!!!

    Propagating your ... Peperomia!!!

    There are over 1000 species of plants in the Peperomia family Piperaceae, ranging from large through to quite small. Mostly seen as an inside plant, here’s a spectacular Peperomia growing outside in Winter in a planter box in Northern NSW! Peperomias are relatively low maintenance - they like to be kept in bright, indirect light and should be watered infrequently once the top few centimetres of soil...
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